Hello everyone!

My Name is Nana Kuronoma and I have been a cosplayer since 2007. At the beginning, my cosplays were terrible! I didn’t know how to style wigs, what good fabric quality was or where I could buy contact lenses. However with the help of my friends, I grew up! I learnt more and more about all the cosplay stuff and now, I’m here and I have to say: My cosplays look much better 😀

I do not specialize in any one cosplay style and I like to do different types of cosplay. I like the variety! To me, cosplay is a feeling, not just a business. It is important to have fun at the convention, spent time with my awesome followers and answer your questions about cosplay.

Some people say I’m a „famous cosplayer“, but the truth is, I’m just a normal cosplayer like you, not more and not less. I don’t put myself on a pedestal, because I have some followers >.> My followers motivate me, support me and give me the power to work every day for my new cosplays, therefore I have to put all of YOU on that pedestal! xD

It is also a very strange feeling when everyone is looking at you, your social media, waiting for new photos. There are some days when I ask myself: „Why do they even like my stuff so much? I’m just normal.“ Then my husband says: „No, you are not! And that’s the reason!“ xD
After all this time, I want to give something back with Workshops, Tutorials, Prints, Merchandise, Meet and Greets, Motivational Posts on the internet and so much more! I try to show other cosplayers that we are like a little family and not like enemies. So, that’s what I am and what I do!

Fatcs about Nana

Name: Nana Kuronoma
Birthday: 23.12.19XX
Blood Type: 0
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Ethnic Descent: Austrian
Language: German, English
Residency: Austria / close to Vienna
Passions: Design Candy’s, Animals in general, Cosplay Projects, Photo Projects, Make-Up, Knitwear, planning stuff, have fun with family and friends!

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